Vintage Views of the Cannery Row Foundation
(Established in 1983)

(A little archival potpourri of our own history, posted periodically in roughly chronological order)

March 16, 1983 Monterey Herald, "Cannery Row Reunion Being Planned"

1984-1985 Board of Directors

1995 Califorina Legislature Declaration of every Febraury 27th as
"Steinbeck Day in California" in perpetuity! The work of the CRF's Kalisa Moore.

1998 Cannery Row Reunion at the Neighborhood Center, Lighthouse Avenue, Monterey. The man
with the microphone is Tuto Peredes, who jammed the can feed chute—stopping the production lines
completlely—during the filming of "Clash By Night" in 1951, so the workers could all stop and run
to get a look at Marilyn Monroe in her first co-starring role—as a fish cutter on Cannery Row!

August 15, 2002—Art Ring, CRF Board Member and Steinbeck Authority, presenting a CRF
"Sweet Thursday" Steinbeck Centennial lecture series presentation on "Novel Ideas of John Steinbeck"
at Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station auditorium.

Kalisa's Cannery Row John Steinbeck Birthday Party 2003 (Birthday 101); part of the crowd.
Seated, Neal and Bettina Hotelling, unidentified man, Jean Stallings; standing from left:
"Lobster John" Haley, "Abalone John" Pulous, 2 unidentified ladies, and photo archivist Pat Hathaway.

Karl at Kalisa's (the dayof the annual Steinbeck Birthday party at Kalisa's)

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