Cannery Row Foundation Membership

Become a Member by secure Credit Card donation:


Senior (65 or over) / Student Membership Membership $25.00
Personal Membership $35.00
Family Membership $100
Business Membership $500
Ed Ricketts Bronze Membership $1,000
Includes one of 50 bronze statues of Ed Ricketts
(and donor's name/dedication on the perpetual plaque for the
actual Edward F. Ricketts Memorial at Drake & Wave Streets)
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Become a Member by mail:

Please print, fill out, enclose your check and mail to:
The Cannery Row Foundation
555 Abrego Street
Monterey, CA 93940

The non-profit Cannery Row Foundation wishes to thank you for your tax deductible Membership and support. Please accept the following membership amenities for your chosen annual membership donation.

Donation Level thank You amenities:

$25.00 Senior and Student membership. Includes an authentic, archival quality sardine can label (brand varies) and a CRF Membership  certificate suitable for framing.

$ 35.00
  Personal Membership. Also includes the same membership offer above: an authentic, archival quality sardine can label and CRF Membership certificate.

$100 - $500.00 Discretionary Personal, Family and Business Memberships

$1000.00 A bronze Ed Ricketts Memorial sculpture (signed and numbered limited edition of fifty). This is a one third scale bronze replica of the actual Ed Ricketts Memorial, also by artist Jesse Corsaut. Includes donor’s name cast on the perpetual plaque to be installed on the Memorial upon placement of the last of the 50 "EFR's." CRF Membership Certificate. There are (4) remaining Edward F. Ricketts Memorial Bronzes.

Endowments and Memoriams also gratefully welcomed to help acquire and preserve the historic, literary, cultural and ecological legacies of Cannery Row.

Please mail your check for membership in the Cannery Row Foundation to our administrative offices at: The Cannery Row Foundation 555 Abrego Street, Monterey, CA 93940 Attn: Membership.


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